Cousin bait works!

When I started this blog I was hoping it would act as “cousin bait” i.e. put me in contact with other relatives who would hopefully have info I was lacking.  Bingo!  My very first post garnered a comment from a second cousin I’d never met.  Her grandmother was a sister to my grandmother Emma Girardin and she has kindly shared both info and pictures with me.

Two of the pictures made me feel as if it was Christmas morning.  The first is a picture of my Dad, Tom Hogue, at approximately 11 years of age. He’s the one on the right, and he is with all his siblings except Albert, who wasn’t born yet.  The baby in the carriage is washed out, but she is my Auntie Louisa, the only surviving sibling, who is now 93.  I have many photos of my Dad but none before he was at least 20, so seeing him as a child is very special.


The second picture is the first positively identified photo I’ve ever seen of Emma’s parents, my great-grandparents, Napoleon Girardin and Onesime Allard. It’s taken on their wedding day, September 29, 1873 in Worcester, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

ImageI’ll be blogging more about all these ancestors later.


4 thoughts on “Cousin bait works!

  1. I’m still hoping my ‘bait’ attracts some distant cousins!

  2. Jackie Corrigan

    Thanks for commenting Jenn. Hope you “catch” some cousins soon!

  3. Good for you! I hope you will continue to meet more of your cousins and they are all as helpful. It is a great feeling when you can add information to your family tree, that comes from someone unknown to you in your family.

  4. This is so neat, Jackie. I hope Moe is enjoying these pictures as much as I am……H.

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