The Grande Recrue, part 3

Hogue ancestor Michel Theodore dit Gilles also came as part of the Grande Recrue of 1653.  He was a mason, paver and laborer and was already a widower at the age of 22 when he arrived in Montreal.  On September 16, 1658 he married fille à marier Jacqueline Lagrange who was 17.

Six filles à marier were married that same day. Maisonneuve was once again a witness. Michel and Jacqueline had two daughters, Marie-Barbe and our ancestor Jeanne.

Michel was a member of the 16th squadron of the militia of Sainte-Famille, formed for the protection of Montreal.  Unfortunately, on May 4, 1664, he was killed by the Iroquois at Longue-Pointe when returning from a hunting expedition.

Theodore Michel b 1631 burial 1664

After his death, an inventory was taken by the Montreal notary Bénigne Basset. His belongings included, among other things, two blankets, two small sheets, four bushels of wheat and his firearm.  Oh my, that doesn’t sound like much, does it? My source for this is the book Montréal, 1653: la grande recrue by Michel Langlois as found on Google Books.

Michel’s death left Jacqueline with two children, one aged three and a half years and another only nine months old.  Needless to say, she married again, this time to Laurent Glory dit La Bière. Jacqueline had another seven children with this husband.  He died in 1681 when Jacqueline was pregnant with her last child.

A few months later, Jacqueline married for the last time to Nicolas Ragueneau.  She outlived this husband also, and was buried August 3, 1688 in Montreal.

Here is our descent to Pépère.  Our descent is through their daughter Jeanne, who has a very surprising story to tell, but that is for another post.

1-Michel THEODORE GILLES (1631-1664)
+Jacqueline LAGRANGE (1641-1688)
2-Jeanne THEODORE (1663-1730)
+Jacques AMELOT SANSPEUR (abt 1667-1729)
3-Francois HOGUE AMELOT (1694-1760)
+Marie Angelique COITEUX (1697-1779)
4-Joseph Amable HOGUE (1734-?)
+Marie-Josephe BELANGER (1740-1775)
5-Louis Amable HOGUE (1769-?)
+Marie Anne LABELLE (1776-?)
6-Louis Amable HOGUE (1796-1858)
+Marguerite TAYLOR (1805-1885)
7-Thomas HOGUE (1840-1924)
+Philomene MCMILLAN (1848-1923)
8-Thomas Joseph HOGUE (1879-1955)


6 thoughts on “The Grande Recrue, part 3

  1. Authenticallyme17

    I’m so happy I found your blog! Louis Amable Hogue is my great great great grandfather! His son, Joseph Hogue, was my gg grandfather, and his daughter, Marie Hogue was my great grandma. I’m so happy to have found such amazing information about my ancestors. Thank you “cousin”! =)

  2. Authenticallyme17

    It is! It was their daughter, Josephine who is my grandma.
    Do you know much about Marie Jeanne or Michel?

  3. Authenticallyme17

    Have you seen this website? Just found it.

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