Our first fille du roi…maybe?

In my last post, I mentioned that we count 34 filles du roi or King’s Daughters in our Hogue and Girardin ancestry. The first filles du roi arrived in Quebec on September 22, 1663.  They had sailed from La Rochelle, France on the ship, l’Aigle d’Or.  There were 38 of these women.  Of course they were not sailing alone; they were with soldiers, engagés, and crew members.  It was an arduous journey, and perhaps as many as a third of the passengers died at sea!

There are no passenger lists for this journey, which makes it difficult to determine precisely who were these first 38 brave women. Our ancestor, Catherine Fievre is listed in many sources as being one of these first filles du roi.  I was very excited to hear that, but I have learned recently, from a much more experienced researcher, that she may, in fact, have arrived in 1662.

Celebrations were held in the summer of 2013 in Quebec, marking the 350th anniversary of the arrival of the first filles du roi. You can see some pictures of the celebrations here.

While we don’t know if Catherine was officially a fille du roi, we do know that her mother had been widowed and remarried in France. Catherine was baptised November 19, 1646 in St-Andre, Poitou, France. Although we don’t know for sure when she immigrated, we do know that she signed a marriage contract on October 31, 1663 in Quebec and was married on November 10th  at the age of 17.

She married Charles Allaire, an engagé who had been in the colony since 1658.  They had 13 children, the first two apparently dying very young. Charles and Catherine settled in Ste-Famille, L’Île-d’Orléans.  Notarial records show that Charles died before February 20, 1691.  Catherine was left with several young children to raise alone, the youngest being only four years old, and our ancestor Etienne being seven. She did not remarry and died June 13, 1709 at the age of 63.

And once again, we have a plaque.

Allaire plaque

Catherine and Charles are Girardin ancestors, and we descend from two of their grandchildren:

1- Catherine FIEVRE (1646-1709)
+Charles ALLAIRE DALLAIRE (1637-?)
2-Etienne ALLAIRE DALLAIRE (1683-?)
+Marie Anne BILODEAU (1685-1731)
3-Pierre ALLAIRE DALLAIRE (1718-1780)
+Marie Louise EMERY CODERRE (1718-1792)
4-Marie Marguerite Rosalie ALAIRE (1755-1825)
+Pierre Francois ALLARD (1746-?)
5-Charles ALLARD (1787-1862)
+Magdeleine LUSSIER (1795-1832)
6-Joseph Pierre ALLARD (1826-1875)
+Marie BONIN (1827-?)
7-Onesime ALLARD (1852-1896)
+Napoleon GIRARDIN (1851-1929)
8-Marie Emma GIRARDIN (1878-1979)
3-Marie ALLAIRE DALLAIRE (1708-1776)
+Francois DUPRE (abt 1703-1776)
4-Francois DUPRE (1731-?)
+Marie Catherine GUERTIN (1745-1835)
5-Pierre DUPRE (1773-1858)
+Marie Amable LETARTE (1784-?)
6-Marie Amable DUPRE (1801-?)
+Jean Baptiste BONIN (1799-?)
7-Marie BONIN (1827-?)
+Joseph Pierre ALLARD (1826-1875)
8-Onesime ALLARD (1852-1896)
+Napoleon GIRARDIN (1851-1929)
9-Marie Emma GIRARDIN (1878-1979)


3 thoughts on “Our first fille du roi…maybe?

  1. Hello, my name is Pauline and I am related to Catherine Fievre. She was my 7x Great-Grandmother. From what i understand, it is possible she was a Filles du Roi. Here is what my research shows….Catherine came over in 1663 and married Charles….Charles was already married in 1662 to Françoise Chapelain, but their marriage was annulled. Now i am not sure if it was annulled before they were married or after. See link: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Chapelain-3

  2. Sorry, I also forgot to mention that Charles’ first wife(or due to marriage being annulled) first intended, is related to Camilla Parker Bowles. So, thru Charles, we are “related” to Camilla in a weird, step kind of a way. Not by blood, but by marriage.

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