Muriel’s Jackson Square Bistro

Watching NCIS this week, and shrieked when I realized the opening scene in a restaurant was in Muriel’s Jackson Square Bistro!  We have a very, very, very tenuous connection which you can read about in one of my earlier posts here.


2 thoughts on “Muriel’s Jackson Square Bistro

  1. Kelly Sullivan

    Hi Jackie, Thanks for this post regarding the family connection to New Orleans. I’ve been to New Orleans many times and love Muriels (great brioche!). Way back in the 1950’s my grandmother Caroline Hamel took her first trip to New Orleans. She loved the place and I heard many stories about it when I was growing up. Sometime in the 1970’s my grandmother took my mother to New Orleans for her first trip. My parents returned there many times over the years and then in 1990 my mother took me on my first trip (along with my grandmother and aunt!). I fell in love with the place and ever since then travel there about once a year. I’ve always had a deep connection to NOLA and consider it my spiritual home. So next time I’m in Jackson Square I’ll look at it with a new sense of connection through family history! Thanks again, Kelly

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