My Filles du Roi Certificate and Pin

In a previous post, I mentioned that there are 34 Filles du Roi in my Hogue/Girardin ancestry. Recently I applied to the American-French Genealogical Society  for a certificate authenticating my descent from one of these brave women. Although this blog is dedicated to my paternal ancestors, I decided to apply for the certificate based on one of my maternal ancestors, Marie Jeanne Toussaint.
Here is my certificate.


And my pin.

And here’s my descent:
1-Marie Jeanne TOUSSAINT (abt 1652-1708)
+Noel CARPENTIER (abt 1643-1728)
2-Noel CARPENTIER dit NOEL (1697-1788)
+Marie Anne DENIAU (1698-?)
3-Noel CARPENTIER dit NOEL (1726-1756)
+Marie Louise Josephe COTTENOIR dite PREVILLE (1727-1802)
4-Marie Josephe CARPENTIER dit NOEL (1754-1822)
+Michel Ignace BRISSET (1749-1817)
5-Charlotte BRISSET (1779-1808)
+Jean Baptiste HUBERT (1775-?)
6-Josephte HUBERT (1801-?)
+Joseph LAPERRIERE (1799-1861)
7-Marie Sara LAPERRIERE (1840-1904)
+Eugene GIRARD (1843-1930)
8-Marie Anne GIRARD (1881-1975)
+Georges VAILLANCOURT (1869-1935)
9-Madeleine Bibian VAILLANCOURT (1916-2006)
+Joseph Thomas Modeste HOGUE (1909-1972)
10-Mary Jacqueline HOGUE
More frames on the wall of my genealogy “office”!



3 thoughts on “My Filles du Roi Certificate and Pin

  1. Very neat, indeed!!

  2. I was googling my ancestors, Marie-Jeanne Toussaint and Noel Carpentier and found your blog. I see we are descended from the same people! I sent in a few weeks ago for my Filles du Roi certificate and pin and am looking forward to receiving it!

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