The Gaudry families

One of the best things about “doing” genealogy is that you get to make contact with far distant relatives, who often have precious photographs and information you are missing. This recently happened to me when I happened upon a photograph, posted on, of Pépère’s sister Elizabeth Hogue (not to be confused with his aunt, the “elusive Elizabeth”!) and her husband Modeste Gaudry and their family. It was a picture I had seen before, but only a very faded copy in the La Salle history book Then to Now. The owner of the photograph turned out to be researching the Gaudry line and gave me permission to post it here. We have exchanged a great deal of information and have added to each other’s knowledge of the Hogue and Gaudry families.

Description from Then to Now: the history of La Salle, Manitoba. Back row: Melina, Ulrick, Modeste Jr., Louis, Odile. Middle row: Elizabeth with Jeanne on her knee, Laura, Marie, Elizabeth, Modeste Sr. Front row: Armand, Joseph, Adelard

Description from Then to Now: the history of La Salle, Manitoba. Back row: Melina, Ulrick, Modeste Jr., Louis, Odile. Middle row: Elizabeth with Jeanne on her knee, Laura, Marie, Elizabeth, Modeste Sr. Front row: Armand, Joseph, Adelard

Isn’t this a wonderful picture? Elizabeth looks beautiful, despite having 12 children! The baby on her lap, Jeanne, was born April 17, 1911 so the picture was probably taken in late 1911 or early 1912.

Tragically, the second youngest, Adelard, the boy in front of his father, would die on July 31, 1912 in La Salle, Manitoba. The family moved to Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan and in the month of October 1918, Elizabeth would bury not only her husband Modeste, but also two daughters, Elizabeth and Laura. 1918-1919 were the years of the influenza pandemic, sometimes called the “Spanish flu”,  that killed about 50 million people worldwide.

By the 1921 census, the youngest child, Jeanne, was living with her married sister Melina, and Armand was with his married brother Modeste.  Elizabeth herself was listed as a boarder with one of the Lalonde families.  In 1922 Elizabeth married a widower, Joseph Lanoie. Elizabeth died September 18, 1952 in Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan.

Pepere’s sister Adelaide had married Modeste Gaudry’s brother Octave. Some time before this, I had made contact with a descendant of Adelaide and Octave who had also shared a marvellous photograph with me. It was simply captioned as the families of Modeste and Octave Gaudry, with no particular people identified.

It just so happened that, as I was doing some research at the Centre du patrimoine at the St. Boniface Historical Society this week, I came upon the book Poplar Poles and Wagon Trails, a history of Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan. Sure enough, there was the same picture, but this time with a caption that listed, but did not identify, some of the people in the picture. After spending more time researching the families of both Adelaide/Octave and Elizabeth/Modeste I have been able to “correct” the information in the caption, but alas, still not identify who is who!

Gaudry families
The man in the centre is definitely Octave. On the right is his wife Adelaide Hogue and the one on the left is Modeste’s wife Elizabeth Hogue.

Picture taken in 1916 by Ernest Srigley on Octave Gaudry farm. In random order: Octave Gaudry and wife Adelaide Hogue, and their children: Auxillia Srigley with Abel and Dorothy Leger (Auxillia’s children from her first marriage), Hector Gaudry and wife Inga Hanson,Octave Gaudry Jr. and wife Eva Balaux, Philippe Gaudry and wife Emiliana Dionne, Mary Guillelmine, Willie, Horace (aka Buster) and Raymond. Also in random order: Elizabeth Hogue (wife of Modeste Gaudry), and their children Odile Lagasse (and her boys, Emmanuel and Paul), Melina Gaudry and Eugene Lalonde, Laura Gaudry, Elizabeth Gaudry, Armand Gaudry and Jeanne Gaudry.

Now the Gaudry family is not a direct blood relation to my line, but all of Elizabeth and Adelaide’s children, 21 in total, were cousins of my Dad’s. So, of course the temptation to research more about them is irresistible! Turns out Modeste and Octave came from a large family. Among their siblings was an older brother Andre who worked as a scout and interpreter for the North West Mounted Police in Saskatchewan. This Andre knew Sitting Bull when the Sioux leader came to the region to escape the situation in the United States.

The father of Andre, Modeste and Octave was Amable Gaudry and his father was Andre Gaudry, a mason from Montreal, who worked on the construction of Lower Fort Garry, as did my ancestor Amable Hogue! In fact, another little tidbit of information I discovered this week, was that when Amable Hogue and Marguerite Taylor’s first child, Marie was baptized in St. Boniface in 1832, her godfather was Andre Gaudry!

Connections, connections, connections!


16 thoughts on “The Gaudry families

  1. I was looking at the Then and Now photo, and thinking how challenging, but wonderful, it must have been to have had a big family. Then came news of the deaths, so common back then; many children also meant many heartbreaks. Tough lives.

  2. Re: the photo above. Odile’s surname was spelled Lagacé. Odile was my grandmother.

  3. Hi Joanne,
    Of course it is! And I have it spelt that way in my other records. Must have been keyboading too quickly!

  4. Angie Morassut (Gaudry)

    Philippe and Emiliana are my paternal grandparents! Thank you for posting this photo!

  5. Barry David Gaudry


    I hardly know where to start! My daughter Sarah sent me this link and I was hooked. Hector and Inga are my grandparents and I believe – looking at family likenesses right down to my grandchildren that the family of Hector and Inga are on the left side of the picture with Hector (looking the image of my father) in the hat and Inga with the baby in her arms. Other of the smaller children with her look Nordic (Inga was a Norwegian American from Montevideo County Wisconsin) and there is a strong family resemblance in her children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren here in the UK.

    My father – Gordon Victor – was born in 1916 so is probably the babe in arms. He left Canada in about 1941 with the Canadian army, married English girl and settled in the UK. Inga died in about 1959 in Moose Jaw. My father died in 1982 in the UK. One of my brothers – Alan lived for a number of years in Canada and his three children all live, with their children, in the Edmonton area.

    • Hello cousin! How wonderful to make these connections. Do you live in the UK?

      • Barry David Gaudry

        Yes indeed we live in the UK. My father, Gordon had 4 children – myself and my 2 brothers and a younger daughter by another relationship.

        I visited Moose Jaw some years ago and met my uncle Phil and his lovely wife Claire – both now sadly gone. I believe that Inga and Hector’s history in Moose Jaw is reasonably well documented. One son Orville died in WW2 and in common with Canadian servicemen who died has a lake named in his honour.

        I have one or two photograph of the early family and homestead in Willow Bunch if I can upload successfully.These are small and much copied but I think may have been the same building in the big family photo of thr Gaudrys. I also have a picture of my father on his military motorcycle


    • Clea Jenny Gaudry

      Hi I’m pretty sure you are my brother I am Clea Jenny Gaudry I found my other 3 brothers David Terry ans Alan my dad was Gordon Victor Gaudry tho my parents never married how exciting to find you 🙂

  6. Hello I’m from Moose Jaw, living is Saskatoon now and my fathers name was David Arthur Gaudry (1951) and is fathers name was Ernest Gaudry(1920s?) and I remember that he had a brother named Phil Gaudry. I also remember the names Octive, Orville, and Hector from a family tree I created in grade school, I believe that Octave was my grandfathers dad but I a little unsure.

  7. Janelle Kuntz

    Hi Jackie!! We’ve chatted in the past but it’s been awhile! I believe that I can identify a couple more people in the photo – my great grand mother Emiliana Dionne Gaudry and her husband PA (Philip Arthur) Guadry are the 2nd and 3rd people from the left in the second row.

    Shout out to Angie Morassut who commented above – she is my mom’s first cousin and I am looking forward to seeing her and others at a Gaudry family reunion this summer in BC!


  8. Hey everyone!
    My mom is Sam Gaudry (daughter of Gerri and Geraldine Gaudry) and I’ve been doing my research on the family lately trying to find some Metis connections. If anyone has any Metis cards that they would be willing to send me a photocopy or any leads for connections please let me know. 🙂

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