The Aylmer Connection

Confession: As a fan of the Philippa Gregory novels, C.J. Sansom’s Matthew Shardlake series, and the Hilary Mantel series about Thomas Cromwell,  I am particularly intrigued with some of the ancestors who lived during the War of the Roses, and the Tudor years.

Anne Warren’s mother was Catherine Aylmer. The Aylmer family came from landed gentry. They had made many advantageous marriages, creating ties with many other important families including the Plunketts, Barnewells, Flemings and Welles, acquiring both lands and titles in the process.

I am most definitely NOT a medieval historian. Obviously I have not personally investigated birth, marriage and death records for the following ancestors, but have relied on secondary sources. I have, however, researched with a skeptical mind, aware that many of the old pedigrees out there are lacking in credibility. Although it is exciting to discover so-called “important” ancestors, the real thrill is making a connection to history, to feel events from the past come alive.

My research is based on recent research by people who are much more qualified than I am. Therefore I am confident that the following ancestors really are mine.

Sir Christopher Plunkett was Sheriff of Meath, and later became Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Ireland in 1432. By his marriage to Joan Cusack he acquired Killeen Castle. It now boasts a Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course (look here) so I suppose it’s too late to try and claim it.

Christopher Fleming 8th Baron of Slane in 1512 established a Franciscan friary on the Hill of Slane. The Hill has a deep mythological history you can read about  here. Unfortunately only ruins remain.

Picture “hill of slane” by Holly Hayes on flickr, posted under Creative Commons License

Picture “hill of slane” by Holly Hayes on flickr, posted under Creative Commons License

Sir Gerald Aylmer was Lord Chief Justice of Ireland from 1535 to 1559. He was complicit in carrying out Henry VIII’s and Thomas Cromwell’s policy of “dissolution of the monasteries.” This was a policy that served to impose the Protestant Reformation on Britain, as well as enrich the coffers of the crown, and reward those who supported Henry with valuable land holdings.

Oliver Plunkett, was created 1st Baron Louth in 1541 by Henry VIII. Unfortunately this castle is beyond repair.

But the most interesting ancestor is none other than Edward I.


Edward I, also known as “Longshanks” lived from 1239 to 1307. In popular culture he may be most widely (but perhaps inaccurately) known from the movie Braveheart which portrays the Scottish hero William Wallace’s fight against English rule.  He is also known for being the monarch who expelled Jews from England in 1290.

From a King of England and Crusader to a farmer in La Salle, Manitoba, here’s our descent:

1-Edward I PLANTAGENET King of England (1239-1307)
+Marguerite of France (abt 1275-1317)
2-Thomas of Brotherton PLANTAGENET Earl of Norfolk (1300- 1338)
+Alice HALYS (?-?)
3-Margaret PLANTAGENET Duchess of Norfolk (abt 1320-abt 1399)
+John SEGRAVE 4th Lord Segrave (abt 1315- 1353)
4-Baroness Elizabeth SEGRAVE (1338-bef 1368)
+John DE MOWBRAY 4th Lord Mowbray (1340- 1368)
5-Eleanor DE MOWBRAY (abt1364-?)
+Sir John DE WELLES 5th Baron Welles (1352-1421)
6-Eudo DE WELLES (?-bef 26 Aug 1421)
+Maud DE GREYSTOKE (?-?)
7-Sir William DE WELLES (?-?)
+Anne BARNEWALL (?-?)
8-Eleanor DE WELLES (?-?)
+Walter CHEVERS (?-?)
9-Margaret CHEVERS (?-1514)
+Bartholomew AYLMER (?-1501)
10-Sir Gerald AYLMER Lord Chief Justice of Ireland (abt 1470-1560)
+Alison FITZGERALD (?-/)
11-Bartholomew AYLMER (bef 1528-1553)
+Elinor WARREN (?-?)
12-Nicholas AYLMER (abt 1544-1608)
+Margaret PLUNKETT (?-?)
13-Christopher AYLMER (?-?)
14-Gerald AYLMER (?-1662)
15-Sir Christopher AYLMER 1st Baronet of Balrath (?-1671)
+Margaret PLUNKETT (?-4 Dec 1683)
16-Catherine AYLMER (?-1726)
+Michael WARREN (?-1712)
17-Anne WARREN (?-?)
+Christopher JOHNSON (1687-1764)
18-Ann JOHNSON (?-?)
+Richard DEASE (?-?)
19-Dr. John DEASE (1745-1801)
+Jane FRENCH (ca 1754-1802)
20-John Warren DEASE Sr. (1783-1830)
+Genevieve BEIGNET (1796-1860)
21-Margaret DEASE (1818-1905)
+William MCMILLAN (1806-1903)
22-Philomene MCMILLAN (1848-1923)
+Thomas HOGUE (1840-1924)
23-Thomas Joseph HOGUE (1879-1955)


2 thoughts on “The Aylmer Connection

  1. Maybe Neill could challenge Nicklaus to a round of golf and win back Killeen Castle!

  2. Good idea, I’ll suggest that!

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