My sister Lorraine

If my sister Lorraine was still alive,  she would be 81 years old today.  (It’s also my granddaughter’s birthday.)  Lorraine was the firstborn of our family, born May 4, 1934.  My mother was a month shy of her 18th birthday and my father was 25. Tragically, Lorraine died October 21, 1934 at the age of 5 months, of pneumonia.

I THINK these are pictures of Lorraine.  The first one is with my Mom and Dad.

Madeleine and Tom with Lorraine?

Madeleine and Tom with Lorraine?

The second one is Dad holding a baby that I believe is Lorraine.

Lorraine and Dad

The reason I think these are pictures of Lorraine is because of this picture of my Dad.

Madeleine and Tom, photo processed July 10 1934

Madeleine and Tom, photo processed July 10 1934

The back of the above photo is stamped “PROCESSED JUL 10 1934”.  Dad looks almost the same in both photos.  Don’t you love the spectator shoes?

The pictures with the baby must have been taken in spring, summer or fall.  The next child my parents had, wasn’t born until August of 1935.  The pictures aren’t identified, so I can’t be sure it’s Lorraine.

My aunt tells me that my Dad was very upset when Lorraine died,  and I think that explains why her death registration says 5 years, instead of 5 months.  I believe he was too emotionally wrought to realize the clerk had recorded years instead of months.  I am in the process of having Manitoba Vital Statistics correct that information.

My aunt also told me that my Dad’s brothers built the coffin for her, and Mémère lined it with satin.  Lorraine is buried in the unmarked children’s section of  St. Hyacinthe Roman Catholic Cemetery in La Salle, Manitoba.

Coincidentally, Mom also died October 21.


3 thoughts on “My sister Lorraine

  1. Lovely photos, but so sad.

  2. Thanks for doing that legwork,Jackie. It clears up some questions for me.

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