The Girardins of La Salle, part 3

I’m continuing the story of Mémère’s (Emma Girardin) siblings. Maria Maximillian Girardin, also known as Martha, was born June 11, 1885. She was just about to turn 11 years old when her mother died.


Maria Maximillian Girardin

On January 15, 1922, at the age of 36, she married Herbert Heckford Burrell in Winnipeg. Herbert sounds like an interesting man. He was born in India to British parents, his father being a missionary. Herbert served in World War One, and was also a noted chess player. You can read more about him here and here.

I have not been able to discover any details of Maximillian’s life after 1901 up until her marriage. Perhaps she left La Salle to work in Winnipeg. Maximillian and Herbert had one son, Arnold, who became a well-known artist. You can read about him here.

Maximillian, Herbert and Arnold moved to British Columbia in 1935. Maximillian died October 30, 1968 in Duncan, British Columbia. I have not been able to find an obituary for her.

Herbert had predeceased her on March 23, 1956.

Burrell Herbert obit1956
Geraldine Girardin was born April 23, 1887. She was 9 years old when her mother died. One of her grandchildren recalls her mother saying that Geraldine had been sent to an orphanage run by the Grey Nuns.  I haven’t been able to find any documentation on this, but the younger children may certainly have spent some time at a boarding school or convent.  By 1911 Geraldine was working in Winnipeg, as a laundress in a hotel and boarding at 316 Edmonton Street.

On November 14, 1916, she married John Butchart. Here’s a picture, generously shared by one of their granddaughters. What a handsome couple!

Girardin Geraldine b1887 wedding

John Butchart and Geraldine Girardin

John and Geraldine had 4 children, 1 son and 3 daughters. One of their daughters lived with her husband and family on the same street as I did as a child, and I attended elementary school with one of their grandsons. Through this blog I’ve had the opportunity to “meet” other granddaughters, who have so kindly shared pictures and information.

John died April 6, 1957 and Geraldine on October 10, 1969.

Butchart John b1883 obit1957

Girardin Geraldine b1887 obit1969

Here’s a picture of Mémère (Emma) with both of these sisters in 1968.

Mary (Maximillian), Emma, Geraldine in 1968

Mary (Maximillian), Emma, Geraldine in 1968

The Girardins of La Salle, part 2

Albert Girardin, son of Napoleon Girardin and Onesime Allard, was born April 7, 1882. He was 14 years old when his mother died.

Girardin Albert b1882

Albert married Arthemise Lapointe on July 16, 1907, just a few months after Mémère and Pépère were married. Albert and Arthemise had 8 children, 2 of whom died young.

Albert died December 23, 1963.

Obituary of Albert Girardin from Winnipeg Free Press, December 24, 1963

Obituary of Albert Girardin from Winnipeg Free Press, December 24, 1963

Arthemise died January 1, 1967.

Obituary of Arthemise Lapointe from Winnipeg Free Press, Tuesday, January 3, 1967, page 27

Obituary of Arthemise Lapointe from Winnipeg Free Press, Tuesday, January 3, 1967, page 27

They are buried in the La Salle Cemetery, but I have somehow neglected to get a photograph of their grave. I have added that to my genealogy to-do list.

Napoleon Wilfred Girardin was born February 12, 1884.

Girardin Napoleon

He was 12 when his mother died.  1907 was a popular time for wedding for the Girardins, as Napoleon wed Virginie Hogue, daughter of Thomas Hogue, Sr. and Philomene McMillan, on November 26, 1907.  This was the 3rd Girardin-Hogue marriage in La Salle.  No wonder Dad had so many cousins there!

Napoleon and Virginie only had one child, Luc, who tragically died at the age of 10, apparently from diphtheria.

Here’s a picture I believe is of their son Luc.

Girardin Luc

Napoleon died June 17, 1946 and Virginie on November 4, 1982.

Girardin Napoleon obit1946

Hogue Virginie b1886 obit 1982


Napoleon, Virginie and Luc are all buried in the La Salle Cemetery.

2009 07 10_1059


The Girardins of La Salle

Napoleon Girardin and Onesime Allard

Napoleon Girardin and Onesime Allard

In a previous post here, I mentioned the untimely death of Mémère’s mother, Onesime Allard, in 1896. Mémère’s father, Napoleon Girardin, was left with 10 children, the youngest, Caroline, only 2 years old, and the oldest, Emma (Mémère), a month shy of her 18th birthday. Onesime was buried at Bruxelles, but at some point the body was interred in another cemetery where other Allards were buried. I suspect that may have been St. Francois Xavier.

Napoleon was offered a position at the St. Hyacinthe seminary college farm in La Salle, and moved the family there. In the book Hugging the Meridian: Macdonald: A Manitoba Municipal History 1881-1981 by Betty Dyck, Emma was interviewed and recalled:

“We came by horse and wagon. Mr. Joseph Cormier made us a bed for the night on straw. The next day he took us to the college farm. When I married Thomas Hogue I moved to La Salle town April 16, 1907 to where the house is now on the Main Street.”

In the 1901 Census for La Salle (Macdonald, Selkirk, Manitoba; Page: 9) the Girardins are family #76 and the Hogues are family #77. It’s easy to understand how three Girardins married three Hogues!

1901 Census of Canada

1901 Census of Canada

Obviously Emma had a great deal of responsibility for her siblings. However, other descendants of Napoleon and Onesime have related to me that some of the siblings were sent to either an orphanage or convent or boarding school. This may have been an institution run by the Grey Nuns in St. Boniface, in the building which is now the St. Boniface Museum (see here). Or it may have been St. Joseph’s Academy run by Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (see here).  I have not yet been able to track down any records to document this.

So who were Mémère’s siblings?  I’ll begin a series of posts to share what I have learned.

The first was Arthur, born August 2, 1880 in Winnipeg almost as soon as Napoleon and Onesime arrived. Arthur was almost 16 when his mother died. He married Sarah Hogue (daughter of Thomas and Philomene) in 1901. Arthur worked as a foreman for the Canadian Pacific Railway. They had a family of six. Here’s a picture of them later in life.

Arthur Girardin and Sarah Hogue

Arthur Girardin and Sarah Hogue

Arthur died December 14, 1955 and Sarah on February 23, 1960. They are buried in the La Salle Cemetery. As you can see from the gravestone, two of their children died young.

2009 07 10_1055

Winnipeg Free Press Friday December 16, 1955 p. 15

Winnipeg Free Press Friday December 16, 1955 p. 15

Winnipeg Free Press February 25, 1960

Winnipeg Free Press February 25, 1960

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting two of Arthur and Sarah’s granddaughters, who have generously shared information and photos with me.