Margaret Taylor’s son George

When I wrote about Margaret Taylor here, I mentioned the two sons she had with Governor George Simpson of HBC. These sons were half-brothers to my great-grandfather Thomas Hogue, Sr.

This morning I happened upon a post on Nancy Marguerite Anderson’s wonderful blog, which is all about one of those sons, George Stewart Simpson. You can read it at

What an interesting life!

Constable Hogue

Manitoba Morning Free Press banner
108 years ago today, on January 13, 1908, on page 9 of the Manitoba Free Press, was this announcement:

The following recent appointments are announced in the current issue of the Manitoba Official Gazette:…Provincial constables…Thomas Hogue, jr. of La Salle.

Hogue Thomas b1879 constable1908

Manitoba Morning Free Press 13 Jan 1908

According to the La Salle local history book Then to Now, Pépère held this office until 1930. His gun and his handcuffs were handed down to two of his sons, Joe and Ray.

I’ve also found one other newspaper article, from the Manitoba Free Press, Wednesday, December 21, 1910, page 16:

Hogue Thomas b1879 article1910

Manitoba Free Press, 21 Dec 1910

There, just a short little story.  As mentioned in my previous post, I am concentrating on re-organizing my genealogy research.  When I realized the January 13th date of the announcement of the appointment…well, I just had to share!

A New Year and a resolution


If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that I LOVE to research. Searching databases online, visiting archives, ordering certificates from government libraries, borrowing books through inter-library loan…these are all tasks that I enjoy. Analyzing the information to solve the puzzles of our ancestors’ lives is my idea of a good time! My husband good naturedly calls it an addiction.

However, I tend to love the research so much, that I neglect to keep my records as organized as I should. Between this blog, my public ancestry tree (Hogue Corrigan), the three tubs of file folders in my “office”, the digital files on my computer, the bookcase (which is one my Dad made) full of history texts and local histories, the bulletin board full of notes and “to do” lists, and what is supposed to be my “master” tree in my RootsMagic genealogy program…well, you can perhaps see the problem!

Therefore, as it is the time of year for resolutions, I’ve decided I REALLY need to become more organized, and make sure I have all my documentation properly labelled and attached to my RootsMagic tree. This is going to take some time, so I won’t be blogging quite as often. There are still hundreds of stories to share and I will continue to do so.

Happy New Year!