Constable Hogue

Manitoba Morning Free Press banner
108 years ago today, on January 13, 1908, on page 9 of the Manitoba Free Press, was this announcement:

The following recent appointments are announced in the current issue of the Manitoba Official Gazette:…Provincial constables…Thomas Hogue, jr. of La Salle.

Hogue Thomas b1879 constable1908

Manitoba Morning Free Press 13 Jan 1908

According to the La Salle local history book Then to Now, Pépère held this office until 1930. His gun and his handcuffs were handed down to two of his sons, Joe and Ray.

I’ve also found one other newspaper article, from the Manitoba Free Press, Wednesday, December 21, 1910, page 16:

Hogue Thomas b1879 article1910

Manitoba Free Press, 21 Dec 1910

There, just a short little story.  As mentioned in my previous post, I am concentrating on re-organizing my genealogy research.  When I realized the January 13th date of the announcement of the appointment…well, I just had to share!


4 thoughts on “Constable Hogue

  1. Great article Jackie……………….glad that you found it !

  2. I read about the Quevillon-Hunault ancestry. You state you did not know how Quevillon died- see web Papineau family history @ section 1.5 the “Quevillon” and “Hunault dit Deschamps” : the first maternal ancestors of the Papineau family. Liberal leader papineau wrote letters to relate his families oral history as told to 4 living generations. Quevillon captured & killed by Iroquois. Mother & kids acaptured.Some kids horrible death. Surviving daughter catherine rescued by soldier Papineau ancestor which she later married & so became ancestress of entire papineau line including famous liberal leader.

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