Onesime Allard

Onesime Allard was Mémère’s mother. Marie Bonin was Onesime’s mother. Yesterday I was trying to find out when Marie died.  I know when she was born, when she married, and the dates of birth for all 15 children.  However, I lose track of her after the 1881 census.  I’ve never been able to find a burial record for her.

Sometimes you come across the most interesting finds when you’re not even looking  While checking the church records at St.-Denis-sur-Richelieu (at Ancestry and FamilySearch),  I came across the marriage record of Marie’s eldest daughter Marie Allard to Jean Baptiste Leblanc on February 9, 1869.

There I found the signature of Onesime Allard, who signed the church register as one of the witnesses to the marriage of her sister!


It’s a little thing, but I was still pleased to find it.  Interestingly she appears to have signed as Onezime, rather than Onesime. Or perhaps that’s just the way she made an “s”!  I have no other specimens of her handwriting to compare.

And I still haven’t discovered a date of death for Marie Bonin.  The search continues.