A newspaper article caught my eye this morning.

“After years of research, officials at Montreal’s archaeology and history museum say they’re now able to pinpoint the precise location of the city’s first European settlement.”

The settlement was known as Ville-Marie and, of course, some of our ancestors were there!  I have blogged about them  before.  See here and here.

You can read more about this discovery at CBC.



Remembrance Day 2016

Last year I wrote about my Dad’s service in World War II.  You can read it here.  Thomas Hogue was a welder by trade, and worked at the R.C.A.F. No. 8 Repair Depot in Winnipeg.

Recently I was visiting my brother in Vancouver, and discovered a wall pennant I had never seen before.  This is it.


Wonderful brother said I could have it, so it now adorns my “office” wall.