The last of a generation

This blog is an attempt to chronicle and honour the ancestors and family of my Pépère, Thomas Joseph Hogue and Mémère, Marie Emma Girardin.   Sadly, the last of their children has now passed away.

Marie Louise Dawyduk, nee Hogue was born August 7, 1920 and died January 3, 2018. Her family composed a wonderful obituary that you can read here.

To me, she was always “Auntie Louisa” probably because I already had an “Auntie Louise” on my Mother’s side of the family, plus an “Auntie Louise” married to Uncle Aime.

Auntie used to tell me that she was so excited when I was born that she got off the bus and RAN down Parkview Street to our house, so anxious was she to see this new baby girl! Little did she know at the time that she would marry and give birth to 6 boys!

Here are some of my favourite pictures of Auntie.

Mom, Dad, Louisa

Mom, Dad, Louisa



Louisa, Dad, Mémère



Hogue Louisa b1920 wedding

Wedding day, November 25, 1949 Dad, Uncle Steve, Louisa, Uncle Joe


When I had my 6th birthday, my Mother was in the hospital.  Not wanting me to miss out, Auntie threw me a party at their home on Hargrave.

6th birthday

You can see how “girly” my celebration was!

Auntie was an excellent seamstress.  Although I was an adequate sewer, there was an occasion in university when I wanted a specific dress made out of a delicate chiffon, and didn’t think I was up to the task.  Auntie gladly made it for me.

Auntie was the kind of person who always remembered to send birthday cards, and keep track of weddings and births. This, despite the busy life she led.

Many people commented on how much I looked like Louisa.  This picture certainly shows the resemblance!


Louisa and me

Though her final few years had challenges, her sense of humour remained intact.  Visits to her at Riverview always included lots of laughs and hugs.


Visit December 2014

You are greatly missed Auntie!