An update on the 1926 Census of the Prairie Provinces

After waiting 5 years to have another Canadian census to “dig into” it’s no surprise that I have been busy trying to trace my people!  The digitized images are now available to search on FamilySearch and Library Archives Canada.

The images are indexed, which means they are searchable BUT of course there are some issues I have encountered. Some names have been incorrectly indexed, either due to illegible handwriting on the original document, or careless work by the indexer.  (Please note I VERY much appreciate the work of the genealogists who volunteer their time, as I have, to index records.) Unfortunately, there is no mechanism, at this time, to submit corrections to the index on either FamilySearch or Library Archives Canada.

So far I have found Girardin indexed as Givardni and Dumas as Duman.

The most surprising error so far has been the fact that I found a page that was digitized, but not indexed!  I couldn’t find my husband’s family with a search, no matter how creatively I tried to vary my search terms.  I found them by browsing, and lo and behold, that whole page of the census was not indexed!

A great bit of news…Library Archives Canada now has a listing of the 1926 census districts and a street index as well!  Go here.

Happy searching!


6 thoughts on “An update on the 1926 Census of the Prairie Provinces

  1. Awesome as always.



  2. Pierre Lagacé

    I know how frustating it can be when you want to tell the cyberworld… Hey these people there. You got it all wrong. I know who they are. This is how to spell their names… I have been there on Automated Genealogy and they stick with what their eyes see.

    • Hi Pierre. It is frustrating when you see a name or nationality misindexed. On one page “Que” as in Quebec for place of birth, was indexed as Yugoslavia! And that was for a person with a very French name 🙂

  3. Zach Schruers

    Hi Jackie, I’m so enthused to find your page as I’ve been tracing lineage back to Olivier Le Tardiff and already see overlap in our respective efforts. I am the great grandson of Josef Tardif. Annette Tardif orginally of Quebec (later moved to Buffalo NY) was my grandmother. I’d be happy to share data if it would be helpful to your efforts.

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