7 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Mary-Ellen Hogue

    What a great pic of you and Mom! I’ve never seen it before. Happy Mother’s Day Jackie, with love and big hugs, M-E

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  2. Nice picture Jackie ❤

  3. Hi Jackie!
    I’m (Marie) Therese Gaudreau. I’ve been on my own genealogy quest for a while and stumbled onto your Ancestry account. Then I was thrilled to find a link to your blog! Your Grandmother (Emma) is my grandpa’s oldest sister. My Mom (Florence) is Florent’s youngest daughter. So we’re distant cousins.

    In any case, I’m was trying to find the last few elusive pieces of info to complete my direct line on my Mom’s side. I’ve uncovered tons of info on her maternal (Marcoux) side, but I really struggled on her paternal (Girardin) side. My mother is 91 and I’m hoping to finish my research and trace her Girardin side for her. I only recently discovered the the woman she thought was her paternal grandmother was actually Florent’s second wife.

    Anyway, your blog is a treasure trove for me! My Ancestry account is not current so I can’t reach out to you through Ancestry or link to your account. However, in gratitude for you mountain of research, I ‘d like to offer a GED file of my research, if you are interested.

    -Best, Therese

  4. Nicole McCullough

    Great info on Hogue’s. My 3rd great grandfather was Amable Hogue, thought you might be interested that about 2 yrs go I donated my Great, grandmother’s (Helene Hogue) wedding dress to museum of Manitoba in Winnipeg along with a photo album of my grandmother’s.

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