Cousin bait provides a missing obituary

I’ve written about “cousin bait” before.  It refers to posting information that results in another researcher contacting you with details they are willing to share about ancestors.  Such an occurrence just happened to me when a  reader left a note on the post I had written about Mémère’s sister Maria Maximillian Girardin. You can read that post here.

Turns out this lady was the stepdaughter of Maximillian’s son!  Although I knew the date of death I had never found an obituary for her.  This lady generously shared the obituary as well as some personal remembrances of Maximillian (which she allowed me to share).

Girardin Maximillian b1885 obit

“I remember meeting her. She lived in an apartment on the 2nd floor of an old house. Right at the top of the stairs was a door leading to her kitchen and living room. You then had to go back out into the hallway and walk down to the end of the hallway to find the door to her bedroom and the same for the bathroom. She was an interesting lady who really didn’t have time for anyone but her son Arnold. She was really attached to him and called him several times a day. Arnold took her passing very hard.”

You can read this “genealogy angel’s” post about her stepfather at



2 thoughts on “Cousin bait provides a missing obituary

  1. Hi Jackie, nice to get a new post and I really like the cousin bait idea and results. Who is the “Duncan” in the obit?

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