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IMG_0196My name is Jackie Corrigan (nee Hogue) and I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  This blog will be my attempt to chronicle the ancestors of my father, Joseph Thomas Modeste Hogue, by tracing the lineage of his parents, Thomas Joseph Hogue (Pépère) and Marie Emma Girardin (Mémère).  I will be concentrating on how intertwined our ancestors have been with people and events in Canadian history. To understand how I became addicted to genealogy, see my first post.


67 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Jackie, it was a pleasure reading about the Hogue family. My mother Jeannette Kerr-Taylor nee Pariseau told me about your blog and have read it this evening and look forward to reading more about the family. It seems that this project has become a labour of love and it shows. Once again it was a pleasure.
    Lisa Sieben nee Kerr-Taylor

    • Wendy Beauchemin P.

      Thanks, Jackie for this blog. I will “be back” when I have more time for reading. I have some pictures you may want to see, and some you may be able to help me identify family members. Perhaps we can meet for coffee in Wpg sometime? Wendy Beauchemin

  2. Hello My name is Danielle Morgan(nee Hogue ) we are from the same family also your father was my great grandfathers brother. It’s great to see how much effort you put in to the history of these wonderful family members of ours.

  3. We are related. I am a descendant of Francois Belanger and Marie Guyon as well. My mother is a Belanger.

    Martin Cuda
    Okotoks, Alberta

  4. Very interesting blog! I too am related to Marin Boucher and Perrine Mallet through their daughter, Francoise Boucher and her husband, Jean Plante. It’s a common assumption that if you have French Quebec ancestry, we’re all related somehow!

  5. Hi Jackie, Looks like we are cousins on the Girardin side and maybe some other lines. I recognized so many names, My great grandfather was Ernest Girardin, s/o Joseph E. and Emilie (Dubois) Girardin, Joseph’s father was Charles David Olivier Girardin, s/o Francois and Chlotide Charlotte (LeSieur) Girardin, Francois was the s/o Augustin and Marie Genevieve (Rivard dite Loranger) Girardin. My grandfather was John P. Girardin of Detroit, MI. Was Augustin one of your great grandparents? He’s my fifth. I looked for you on Facebook but couldn’t find you.

  6. Sylvie Lavallée

    Hi Jackie! We are related through your ancestor Marie Taillefer. Her brother, Joseph Taillefer is my ancestor. Is the main picture of the couple on your blog “As Canadian as can be” of Toussaint Hunault dit Deschamps and Marie Lorgueil? How would I be able to get a copy of this picture?

    • Hi “cousin”. Thanks so much for reading my blog. The main picture on my blog is the wedding picture of my paternal grandparents Thomas Hogue and Emma Girardin. I’m sorry but I know of no existing pictures of Toussaint and Marie.

  7. Hi Jackie, I am Bill Kane V.P. of the Sociéte des filles du roi et soldats du Carignan, Inc. We publish a journal SENT BY THE KING twice a year and I would like to send you a copy. Also I would like to ask if you might consider writing an article for our journal. If at all interested please contact me at wfkane@juno.com with your mailing address so we may send you a copy. You have many members of the filles and soldiers as do I and many of our members. I have 47 Filles du roi and 21 soldiers in my ancestral lines including Catherine Fievre. Hope to hear from you soon. Bill Kane

  8. Hi Jackie,

    We are related. My 8th Great Grandmother was a sister to Anne Coutier. But Robert Drouin is my 9th Great Grandfather. (his second marriage) Your blog is very interesting.

    Rhonda (Rousseau) Dreshar

  9. Jackie,
    Do you have any information on Apolline Girardin, who married Francois Labadie in 1798? Her father was Charles Francois Girardin; her mother was Marie Louise “Leperle”?

  10. Dear Ms Corrigan, I noted that you have traced your ancestry back to Michel Theodore dit Gilles in Montreal. I’m descended from his brother Gabriel, who found himself in Danzig, Prussia and married a Cordula Mannen at the Sts. Peter and Paul Reformed Church in Danzig in 1657. So, we are then directly related through Gabriel (Gilles) Théodore (born 1587 in Tours) and Julienne Durand Hierosme (born June 16, 1588 in Touraine-Centre, France), though, for all intents and purposes I am a German/Canadian now living in Newfoundland.

  11. pierre trottier and suzanne migaud had a son benjamin-joseph trottier who is in my relative on my fathers side. cant believe i have relatives this far back. i am however trying to find metis in my family. are pierre or suzanne metis? please email me. stan

    • Hi Stan,
      To the best of my knowledge neither Pierre or Suzanne were Metis. If you share your descent from Benjamin Joseph Trottier, I may be able to tell you if there is a Metis connection.

  12. Hi, i am enjoying your site. My name is Julie Girard Marchetti, my dad is Nelson Girard. My Grandparents are Anna Rousselle & Valmore Joseph Girard. My great grandparents are Leocadie Brouder & Francois Xavier Girard. By looking into my Girard genealogy, it has inspired me to connect with my distant Girard cousins. I have a facebook, Girard Genealogy Group, that is about getting to know our distant cousins and share pictures & genealogy info. with the group. It is @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/568765133279401/
    Please join us, and any cousins, we would like to meet you.
    Thanks for all your helpful info.,
    Julie Girard Marchetti

  13. Grant (Tim) Robbins

    Hi I have just recently started to trace my family background. I have some records from the Catholic church in St. Boniface MB. My grandfather (mothers side) was Daniel Joseph Dumas. He married Rita Dame. My mother Rita Dumas was one of 7 siblings. My g. father’s parents were Marguerite Clara Hogue and Joseph Patrice Dumas. Theirs Thomas Hogue & Philomena McMillian. Theirs Louis Amable Hogue & Margaret Taylor. It is my understanding they were Metis. I have spent my entire life in Ontario but still have family living in the Toutes Aides MB area. Any info you could give would be appreciated.

  14. Hi there Jackie!
    I came across your blog when I researching further into my ancestor Catherine Fievre. I am a direct descendant of Charles d’Allaire and Catherine Fievre through their son Etienne Allaire. I happened to be in Quebec City a few years ago when they were having a big celebration for the Filles du Roi. I spoke to the docent in the museum who was very excited when I mentioned Catherine Fievre–she was one of the women on the very first boat that came to Quebec in 1663. She married Charles d’Allaire on November 10, 1663.

  15. Dear Jackie,
    Your work inspires me. Thank you. Your research is responsible. We are related through the Hogues and about another 1000 or so early settlers. I’m not sure if you already know of this but there are social welfare tickets given to starving families in the mid 17th century during a particularly bad year for crops. The Hogues, amongst others needed this to survive. The billets are online at the BNQ. I found this gesture a glimmer of a wisp of social democracy creeping in like morning light however corrupt the reasons of the givers were. I can send them to you if you cannot find them but I don’t want my email made public.
    Happy d-n-a-ing,

  16. I am looking for métis information on Arsène Girardin’s direct line. He is my grandfather. I love your blog. It’s so interesting!!

  17. Grant (Tim) Robbins

    Hi Jackie. Just wanted to up date you. Did some digging with St. Boniface Historical Society and got lots of good information. Also searched Archives Canada and found loads of information regarding the Metis scrip. Happy to say I gathered enough information to become a citizen of MMF. That applies to my children and grand children as well. Enjoy reading your blog.

  18. Adrienne McConnell

    Hello Jackie, I am doing research on my mom’s family. Her name is Dorine McConnell nee Hebert, she is from Vermont, born in 1933. Our genealogy research has revealed she is a direct descendant of Augustin and Adrienne Hebert. Incidentally, I was named Adrienne without her knowing about Adrienne Hebert! I was hoping you could tell me if Augustin and Adrienne were Acadian French? Also, did Augustin die in a war? I have information that he most likely died at the hands of an Iroquois Indian but it did not clarify the circumstances. Thank you!

  19. wow. I’m so impressed by your dedicated work! I just joined an ancestry site and recently started to discover my French-Canadian heritage. I am a 10th great granddaughter of Marin Boucher and a 9th great granddaughter of his sister Jeanne. It is so fascinating to read through these stories. Merci!

  20. Grace Johnston

    Hi Jackie,
    You have a very interesting family history.
    My first ancestor to come to Canada was Joachim Girard who was born in 1642 in France. I believe they are also entwined in your family tree.

  21. Hi Jackie I’m proud to say that my great…….grandfather is Zacharie Cloutier. I took the opportunity to travel to Old Quebec City and actually had my picture taken with the monument erected in the memory of the first settlers. I am also related to Louis Heugot.

  22. Thank you for your very thorough research. My 4th great grandfather is Richard William Dease. You’ve helped me with researching my family tree and I greatly appreciate it!

  23. Hi,
    Came across your blog while researching the name Geo. Taylor with the date 1787 (as seen on Travelsphere’s Canadian Summer Safari holiday page) and noticed what may be a typo.
    In your blog you show George Taylor as probably born 1758 or 59, then two paragraphs down you show him as marrying Margaret Grieve on June 21, 1757 – a year or before he was born.

  24. Kristen Sicotte

    I am so delighted to find your blog. I am a Sicotte. Jean Chicot is a ancestor.

  25. Jackie, What an incredible job you have done! Presently, I am fixing up people in my database and was working on Francoise Jobin – found your site, which listed as a Filles a Marier – when she came and who she resided with until her marriage. I would be most appreciative if you would share the source of this information with me.
    I also notice that you did not have information on the marriage of Francoise & Pierre Dandonneau. PRDH notes their marriage contract as below:
    Marriage contract couple
    Lieu indéterminé (au Québec) 1653-01-16

    Rank Name Age M.S. Pr. Sex

    SPOUSE OF 02
    Origin : NIEUL, AUNIS — c p m
    SPOUSE OF 01
    FATHER OF 01 SPOUSE OF 04 — m — m
    MOTHER OF 01 SPOUSE OF 03 — m — f
    FATHER OF 02 SPOUSE OF 06 — m — m
    MOTHER OF 02 SPOUSE OF 05 — m — f
    Occupation : NOTAIRE

    Hope this helps you.
    Thank you for sharing all that you have on your blogg.
    Kathy McCurdy

    • Hi Kathy. Thanks for your kind words. Glad you find this useful. My source for Francoise is Peter J. Gagne’s Before the King’s Daughters: The Filles a Marier, 1634-1662. If you can’t access a copy of this book, I can send you a scan of the relevant page. Thanks for the PRDH record. I did have that. It is a copy of the marriage contract, but we don’t know the exact date of the marriage.
      Cheers, Jackie.

      • Jackie, 1thank you for your quick reply – I would like to take you up on your kind offer, for sending me an image from the Gagne book concerning Francoise Jobin – we have used this source in the past, but it is an hour and half away from us. I am most appreciative of your offer
        Most gratefully
        Kathy McCurdy

  26. Hello cousin Jackie! I am a descendant of James McMillan & Marie Letendre! My line is James, Helen, William, Raphael, Edmond, Estelle & Brenda! Thanks, Brenda.

  27. Hello there!! Thank you for this blog! My great grandmother was Clara Dumas, daughter of margeruite Clara hogue . Please let me know how I can reach you! My mother’s complete history was kept from her and this has filled in so many questions!!


  28. Hello! I found this page when researching Augustin Hebert, my 10th great-grandfather. Our line follows through his son Ignace, rather than his daughter Marie, as yours does. You mentioned Augustin had a tragic death. Would you elaborate on that? Thanks so much. ~Kristine

  29. Love your Article, Story of the Grande Recrue. I am going to have to read it again to fully digest the contents. From what I’ve read, I am a Descendant of Toussaint Hunault and Marie Lorgueil. They have a daughter named Jeanne who marries Pierre Taillefer, fast forward about 7 generations and My Grandmothers is Isabelle Taillefer (daughter of Cleophas Taillefer and Adelina Hebert).

  30. Thanks for that link Stephen!

  31. Hi Jackie, Just want to say thanks for the information you have provided here. My Pépère is a Boucher and I’ve been able to establish a direct line from Marin Boucher to my Pépère. My Mémère was a Lachance. I will be research her line as well. I so seldom find anyone that calls their grandparents Pépère and Mémère, it’s so nice. Well, just wanted to drop you note to say thanks!

    Shirley : )

  32. I very much enjoyed reading your blog. It is a fascinating look into history. I am not sure if I am related or not. I do have an ancestor Marie Marguerite Angelique Hogue. Do you have information on Catherine Marchand? She was a fille a merier. I know she arrived in 1659 on the St. Andre.

    • Thanks for your kind words Pam! Do you have access to Peter J. Gagne’s book Before the King’s Daughters? If not I will share that info with you.
      Do you have a date of birth for Marie Marguerite Angelique Hogue? I don’t seem to have her in my database.


  33. Robyn Webster

    Great information Jackie, thankyou for sharing your blog. I have found some great facts about my 11 times great grandparents Robert Drouin and Anne Cloutier. Marvellous, brings them to life and provides a picture of sorts of the times and traditions.
    Cheers Robyn

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