Clip art by Phillip Martin

Clip art by Phillip Martin

Here is a timeline of Canadian historical events that involved our ancestors.

1618-1621  Olivier Tardiff arrives in Quebec and becomes an interpreter for Champlain

1609-1701 Iroquois threaten the settlements in New France. Some of our ancestors are captured, wounded or killed.

1620 Abraham Martin and Marguerite Langlois settle at Quebec

1634-1635  Seigneur Giffard is granted the first seigneury, at Beauport, and the Perche Migration to Quebec begins. It includes Zacharie Cloutier, Xainte Dupont, Jean Guyon, Mathurine Robin, Robert Drouin, Gaspard Boucher, Nicole Lemaire,  Marin Boucher, and Julienne Baril.

1634-1662 262 filles à marier come to New France. 25 of them are our ancestors.

1642 Maisonneuve and Jeanne Mance establish a colony at Ville Marie (Montreal). Augustin Hebert and Gilbert Barbier are with him.

1642 to 1690 Civil War, rise of Cromwell, Restoration and Glorious Revolution in Britain. Warren ancestors lose/gain/lose estates in Ireland

1653 The Grande Recrue brings more settlers to Montreal including ancestors ancestors Fiacre Ducharme dit Fontaine, Louis Guertin dit Le Sabotier,  Jacques Milot Laval, Michel Theodore dit Gilles,  Toussaint Hunault dit Deschamps and Marie Lorgueil.

1663 The first filles du roi arrive in New France.

1663 The Charlevoix earthquake occurs, and about 100 of our ancestors experience it.

1664 A miracle at Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré when Marguerite Bire’s broken leg is healed.

1665 Arrival of the Carignan-Salières Regiment, including 13 of our ancestors.

1666 First census of New France. 187 of our ancestors are there.

1775 Dr. John Dease becomes Deputy Agent of Indian Affairs, Cataraqui District

1802 Allan McMillan organizes the Lochaber Emigration to Glengarry

1807 James McMillan is with David Thompson when they explore the Columbia River

1821 Amalgamation of NWC and HBC.  Amable Hogue comes west with HBC. James McMillan and John Warren Dease, Sr. become Chief Traders with HBC.

1827 James McMillan establishes Fort Langley as a HBC post

1849 William McMillan is one of the signatories on a petition for free trade and representative government in Red River

1870 During the Red River Rebellion some relatives are involved with Louis Riel



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